Kal Sabir as Luca Diaz in Inner Devils.

‘Inner Devils’ Extract

A pleasure to present an extract of Inner Devils, a horror drama short about exorcism.

Written by Martin Smith of Black Dust Films, the film explores aspects of mental health, possession, family dynamics, and dealing with secrets of the past.

This is a first collaboration between Restless Chimp Films and Black Dust Films.

The extract is very bare-bones, just two actors in an empty space with minimal lighting. The aim is to give a snapshot of our concept as part of a crowdfunding campaign to help push the project into production.

Inner Devils is slated for production in early 2022.

Let us know what you think, good or bad, in the comments below. Questions are also welcome.

Thank you for your time.



  1. Nice extract. Chilling in it’s simplicity, gives you an idea of the characters and where they are in the narrative.

    1. Hello Matthew,

      Thank you for taking the time to view our extract of ‘Inner Devils’. It’s great to receive your feedback.



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