Storyboard, script and drawings on a table.

Horror Short: Crew Call-out

Restless Chimp Films, in collaboration with Black Dust Films, is in pre-production of a horror short film for the festival circuit. Filming will take place tentatively near the end of November 2021 over three days in Glasgow.


The story centres around the exorcism of Ryan, a young man in his late 30s.

Along with his wife, Elena, and brother-in-law, Alex, the battle for Ryan’s soul is fought by Father Luca Diaz, a newly ordained priest linked to the family.

The demon uses the attitudes of different faiths along with mental health approaches to the idea of exorcism, as weapons against the family’s convictions, while holding a terrible secret that will affect them all.

Seeking Crew

Crew are sought for this micro-budget production. If interested, please complete the form below, including links to your CV, website, and/or showreel.

  • Director of Photography
  • Sound Recordist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Production Assistant / Runner

When expressing interest, please include your rates. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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