A medium sized grey van with 6 passenger capacity and storage space.

Seeking Grey Van

We’re searching for a grey van for our supernatural short, A Coincidental Engagement, which is pencilled for filming in May 2023.

It’s an outdoor night shoot in a location which is normally pitch black. To avoid white (a standard colour for rental vans) being too dominant for the palette, we need a small to medium sized grey van (without logos).

If you or someone you know has such a vehicle and would be happy for us to borrow it for three nights (with appropriate compensation), it would be a great help.

It would be driven to/from location which is 40 minutes from Glasgow, and features in a stationary position for most of the 10 minute film.

There is one scene where it is driven off into the distance, all within the confines of the location which is on private land.

Please get in touch via our Contact Form. Any questions, please ask.

Looking forward to hearing from you.