Trailer 2: A Coincidental Engagement

The second trailer for A Coincidental Engagement is available on our YouTube Channel, along with behind-the-scenes footage.

A private screening of the supernatural short, written and directed by Kal Sabir, will be held at the Glasgow Film Theatre in late September.

The film has been submitted to a number of film festivals in the UK and abroad.

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Trailer: A Coincidental Engagement

The official trailer for supernatural short, A Coincidental Engagement, is available on our YouTube Channel.

The film itself is also complete and being submitted to key festivals.

Writer, Producer, and Director Kal Sabir would like to thank all cast, crew, and pre/post production teams for bringing all the pieces of the project together.

A salute of gratitude is also extended to all our crowdfunding supporters. Thank you for helping make this project a reality.

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Seeking Driver With Vehicle


We are in pre-production of our supernatural short film, A Coincidental Engagement, and need a cast/crew driver with own vehicle.

You will be transporting four passengers from Glasgow to the location in Kilwinning, and back at the end of the night after filming. Pickup time will be 6pm, and return will be around 12am.

The is a paid job, albeit within the confines of a self-funded low budget. We’re offering to cover fuel costs, plus £50 per night for three days in the first week of May.

You’re also welcome to remain on set if you prefer, food and drinks will be provided.

If you are an experienced driver with your own vehicle, are reliable and professional, then please get in touch.

Crowdfunding Pitch

Our crowdfunding campaign is active for A Coincidental Engagement, a supernatural short set in an alternate reality.

The story is about Jack and Maddy who, after years of dealing with the dead, discover that their relationship is one foot in the grave.

We have a fabulous cast on board, including award winning actress Vivien Taylor as Maddy, the talented Sani Mamood as Mr Burn, and Kal Sabir as Jack.

We’ve also secured a fantastic private location in the Scottish countryside.

It would be great to receive your support to help make the film a reality.

Perks start from £5.

Join the journey, support our film on IndieGoGo:

If you can’t help financially, please share this post and the link to the crowdfunder.

Thank you for your time.

Kal Sabir (Producer)

Seeking Grey Van

We’re searching for a grey van for our supernatural short, A Coincidental Engagement, which is pencilled for filming in May 2023.

It’s an outdoor night shoot in a location which is normally pitch black. To avoid white (a standard colour for rental vans) being too dominant for the palette, we need a small to medium sized grey van (without logos).

If you or someone you know has such a vehicle and would be happy for us to borrow it for three nights (with appropriate compensation), it would be a great help.

It would be driven to/from location which is 40 minutes from Glasgow, and features in a stationary position for most of the 10 minute film.

There is one scene where it is driven off into the distance, all within the confines of the location which is on private land.

Please get in touch via our Contact Form. Any questions, please ask.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Casting Supporting Role


We are casting a supporting role in A Coincidental Engagement, a supernatural short written by Kal Sabir.


After years of dealing with the dead, Jack and Maddy discover their relationship is one foot in the grave.


A pivotal supporting role, we are seeking an actor to play an alternate version of the lead character of JACK (played by Kal Sabir).

Kal Sabir
Kal Sabir

We are looking for someone of similar appearance to Kal:

  • Height: minimum 6 feet or above
  • Build: medium/athletic
  • Ethnicity: South Asian, Indian, Pakistani, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
  • Playing age is not a major issue as the actor will have make-up and some prosthetics to alter his appearance.

The character appears in one important scene involving a physical struggle – a fight director will be on hand to supervise the session.

Ideally, we would prefer someone who has stage combat experience.

There are no lines for the character, everything he does is conveyed through physical characterisation.

We must emphasise this is not a ‘stand-in’ or ‘double’ job. You will be playing a character in the story.


As the story is set outdoors and at night, filming is planned for early May to allow the weather to improve. The actor would only be required for one day (including a rehearsal).


This is a self-funded project and pay will be below Equity minimum. Travel expenses will be covered, food and drinks included on set, plus IMDB credit.


In the first instance, please complete the form below including a link to your CV (ideally Spotlight), showreel, headshots, and full body shot. Remember to include a covering letter introducing yourself.

Shortlisted actors will be asked to meet via Zoom for an audition – we need to see how you portray character through body and no words.

Looking forward to receiving your application.

A Coincidental Engagement

A Coincidental Engagement is the next short film by Restless Chimp Films, currently in pre-production and scheduled to film over three days between April and June 2023.

A supernatural short set in an alternate reality, it tells the story of Jack and Maddy who, after years of dealing with the dead, discover there relationship is one foot in the grave.

Writer and Producer Kal Sabir, who will also be acting in and directing the film, will be working with Associate Producer Martin Smith of Blackdust Films, along with the core production team from Inner Devils including Director of Photography Michael Westcott.

Set completely outdoors in the Scottish woodlands, an ideal location has been earmarked. The main challenge will be lighting the night scenes on a low-to-no budget – being out in the middle of nowhere the location is normally pitch black.

Watch this space, or follow our social media links, for further updates.

Inner Devils Premiere

Inner Devils will premiere on YouTube on October 31st at Devil’s Hour (0300hours GMT).

It’s completely free to watch and will remain on YouTube until further notice.

It has been quite a journey from script to screen. Director Martin Smith and Producer Kal Sabir would like to thank all cast, crew, and everyone who made the film possible.

‘Inner Devils’ directed by Martin Smith | Blackdust Films

‘Inner Devils’ Screening

Inner Devils received a cast and crew screening earlier this month.

Written and directed by Martin Smith of Black Dust Films, Inner Devils is a supernatural drama about the secrets we keep and the demons we hold close.

It has been quite a journey from script to screen, from finding the right locations to securing cast and crew.

It was produced in association with Restless Chimp Films.

The film is being submitted to festivals, news of which will be shared in due course.

View trailer and cast/crew interviews: